Safe and Colourful Chalkboards for Children.

Children love to draw! And for some reason they love to draw on a lot of different surfaces other than on paper. I don‘t know many parents who have not had a wall written on — at least once. The obvious solution to this would of course be to have a blackboard in your child‘s bedroom.

But then, who really wants a black blackboard in a child‘s pretty room? And even worse! Who wants their child’s health to be affected by toxic gases from traditional blackboard paints. 


CHALKBOARDS® has the solution to both of these problems. We make custom made colourful designer CHALKBOARDS® which, when wiped clean look like decorative pictures on your wall. Using colours that can even match your colour scheme. And what is most important, CHALKBOARDS® uses only organic, non-toxic, odourless, solvent free chalkboard paint with 0,0% VOC. The founder of the paints we use has even gladly proven how safe their paints are by eating a spoonful of randomly chosen paint out of a container in their factory during a visit by the Health and Safety Executive.


CHALKBOARDS® colors come in over 100 shades to accent any room with custom made designs and provide not only a pretty wall picture but also a wonderful canvas for your child to express their creative outbursts. Our paints are fully washable for your child to make masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece.